We See Things Not as They Are

The best way to get into the Dantiques groove is to let your imagination stray from the beaten path. Rethink what’s traditional and discover a whole new world in everything you see. At our Macedon, NY shop, we see things not as they are or as they are meant to be, but as what they could be turned into, just like the following items that we offer:

  • Coffee Tables (Made From Old Wooden Doors and Church Railings)
  • Lamps (Made From Faucets or Olive Buckets)
  • Snowmen (Made from Old Table Legs)
  • Candleholders
  • Planters
  • Recycled Sweater Mittens
  • Silverware Jewelry

Junk Junkies on a Roll

We believe that a lot of brilliant new ideas pop out merely from looking at junk and old things with a fresh set of eyes and a playful imagination. To us, old doors, rusty faucets, and threadbare baseballs are interesting bits of odds and ends that can be manipulated to come up with something fresh, inspiring, and surprising!

The Best of the Past and the Present

Don’t let the Adirondacks cabin feel fool you as you walk through our doors. That’s just half of the thrill. The other half of the shop features an elegant and sophisticated side where a refreshing pond ushers you into an exciting assortment of repurposed and reimagined pieces. These share space with the following highlight items:

  • Rustic Furniture (Not Refurbished)
  • Home Décor
  • Soy Candles
  • Vintage Pictures
  • Anything You Could Put in Your Home
  • Seasonal Items

Visit us today to shop for an interesting variety of furniture, home décor, and repurposed items that we have at Dantiques. Call us at 585-402-9981 for inquiries about upcoming open houses and special events.